Deputies' Conference

Evaluating the Course Maintenance Budget, Deliver Course Quality and How to Come in On Target

This session will provide an insight into how to budget and take control of your purchasing options as the professional custodian of your club or proprietor’s investment in purchasing products, machinery and services for the golf course. Evaluate and compare products, the suppliers’ services, evaluate performance, track expenditure and the value / quality balance it represents for your course.

Learning Outcomes:

• Evaluate what and how much to purchase

• Compare and price products and suitability for the Maintenance Plan of the Course

• Budget and strategies for managing it

• Tendering exercises and maintaining professional relationships with suppliers

• Evaluate product performance and its “value” to you

• Quick wins and top tips!

Presented by Paul Copsey, Course Manager, Langley Park Golf Club

Using Your Phone to Manage Your Facility

This session will take a look at some features, add‐ons and apps that can turn your smart phone into a valuable assistant. It will discuss some of the more practical apps that can be used to manage your facility.

Learning Outcomes:

• Use your phone’s camera to its full potential

• Get first‐hand knowledge of some of the better apps available to turfgrass managers

• The costs of the various technologies

Presented by Dr Mike Richardson, Professor, University of Arkansas

Life is Like a Box of Chocolate 

Progression and change in your career are mostly positive times however, be aware that all is not what it seems. Milestones in your life can come with additional pressures; stresses and strains which, if not realised, can reduce your mental well being which can adversely affect your work, home life and decision making. The aim of this session is to make you aware of these possible factors, ways to control them and what help is available to you if required.

Presented by Rob Welford, Head Greenkeeper, Waltham Windmill Golf Club


Golf is a Business

This session will focus on the importance of understanding that golf is a business and how the head greenkeeper / course manager benefits from recognising that they are an integral part of it.

Discussing the notion that a greenkeeping management role is about more than just producing a great playing surface and managing the greenkeeping team. It’s about recognising who the golf course ‘belongs’ to and how, as the main asset; it has to perform for the benefit of the business. The challenges of keeping members, committees and the club management satisfied by learning to manage expectations and be adaptable within the limitations of the resources available.

Learning Outcomes:

• How course management and the ‘business of golf’ are linked

• Managing a committee

• Manage your own and other’s expectations

• Understand it’s not all about you

• There’s a right way and a wrong way to be involved with the club

• Meetings will be part of your job, so enjoy them...

• Work is important but never forget about home

Presented by Steve Chappell, Golf Course Superintendent, Royal Bled Golf Club

Maximise Your Personal Impact

Discover how it is possible to consciously adapt “natural” behaviours and responses to ensure you always project the professional image you want and effortlessly control others perception of your impact ‐ in any work situation.

Understand the behaviours you need to deliver beyond current capabilities and leave an exceptional impact in every interaction.

Presented by Mark Doyle, Managing Director, The Method

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