Spectrum Technologies, Inc

Spectrum Technologies Inc.

For over 30 years, Spectrum Technologies, Inc. has offered affordable weather and plant measurement tools to help professionals use objective data to make better decisions regarding plant, crop, and turf inputs. With a focus on the entirety of the plant and the systems, processes, and inputs that affect a plant’s overall health, Spectrum’s mission is to serve as a valued partner of customers’ research and production teams by helping turn plant measurement data into valuable information for profitable and responsible decision-making. Products include weather stations and data loggers; soil moisture meters and sensors; soil compaction and turf firmness meters; chlorophyll/NDVI meters; pH, EC, and nutrient meters; light sensors and meters; insect and plant disease forecasting tools; and other plant measurement tools.

Tel: +43 6765 387 491

Web: www.specmeters.com

Exhibiting: Blue, Stand 129