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Why do greenkeepers prefer Eagle’s products?

From signage to benches, from tee markers to eco-bins, greenkeepers prefer Eagle products. Whether it’s to improve course presentation, mark a special occasion like the Captain’s Day or simply save valuable time out on the course, our designs and innovations show you’re making that extra effort to impress members and visitors alike.

Made from hardwoods and polymers, our top notch designs will also meet the needs of your hard working budget as well. Come to Stand B50 and take a look at some of the things we can offer you:

Tee markers: both for everyday and special occasions

Designed to be practical for everyday usage, what about branded tee markers to make occasions like the Captain’s Day or a Pro-Am extra special: www.eaglepromotions.co.uk/signage/mowovers

Ball washer bin combos: compact and good looking

Combining a ball washer with a waste bin makes perfect sense, and in both hardwood and EaglePlex polymer make good looking items for any tee. Branding them with the club’s logo in deep etched zinc or aluminium, makes each one unique to your course: www.eagle.uk.com/signage/ecobin.html

Mow-overs for tees and fairways, sprinkler head fairway yardage markers

Eagle make more mow-over products than anyone else. Designed to look high quality and made in all sorts of materials bronze, polycarbonate, granite and branded or plain, there’s an Eagle mow-over for every tee and fairway: www.eagle.uk.com/signage/mowovers.html

Eco-bins: get golfers to separate their rubbish on the course

Three containers separate golfers’ rubbish to make waste collection easier for your team: www.eaglepromotions.co.uk/signage/ecobin.html

Eagle Guard: signage base protection made easy.

Applying our new Eagle Guard material means you don’t have to waste all that time strimming around each and every sign on the course. Made from shredded recycled car tyres, it’s a weed suppressant, environmentally-friendly and looks better: www.eaglepromotions.co.uk/signage/baseguard.html

Nets and flags

Looking for practice nets that roll the ball back to the golfer? Looking for pin flags that can add value to those society days? We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for: www.eagle.uk.com/pages/accessories.html

See us on Stand B50, Hall B

These are just some of the huge range of products that Eagle designs, makes and delivers. To see how we can help you and your greenkeeping team, come and chat with one of our team on Stand B50, Hall B

Tel: 01883 344244

Web: www.eagle.uk.com

Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B50