Aquatrols Farmura

Since 1954 Aquatrols has been the world leader in the development of cutting-edge Aquatrols water management products and other specialty technologies to address the changing demands of the professional turf industry. Aquatrols combine state of the art research and development techniques, a technically knowledgeable sales force and a long history of industry expertise to serve the needs of turf and ornamental professionals worldwide.

Aquatrols products deliver consistent performance and safety to keep your turf in top condition. All Aquatrols products undergo stringent quality control testing.

Today Aquatrols leads the industry in developing innovative products for effective water management.

Aquatrols have a full range of products to solve your water management problems ranging from Aqueduct for dry patch control to Revolution for balancing air and water in the rootzone.

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Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A19