Dalton Cooper

Dalton Cooper, Export Team for USA/Canadian specialized Golf courses equipment is offering selected Dealership opportunities:

Aera-Vator and VC60 Verticutter
Unique Aera-Vator vibrating tines decompacting dry soil
Improved VC60 delivers outstanding dethatching performance with fast rotating blades

SALSCO Greens Rollers
Wide selection of Electric & Gas powered Greens Rollers delivering outstanding rolling efficiency preventing grass burn spots
Used by many major GPA tournaments all over the World

AGRIMETAL Leaf and Debris Blowers
Best value blowers on the market for fast and efficient lawns/fairways leaves and debris removal
Tractor mounted and self operated

Tel: +1516 759 2011

Web: www.daltoncooper.com

Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C50