ISEKI UK & Ireland

ISEKI has been represented in Europe for over 50 years and was the first company to introduce compact tractors to the UK market in the mid-seventies. The range of products is distributed and supported by ISEKI UK & Ireland through its network of dealers.
The Compact Tractors range from the TM line - lightweight 19 hp to 25 hp tractors with the power to operate mowers smaller aeration equipment and other turf maintenance implements. There is also the mid-range TH line tractors with 28 hp to 35 hp and the Premium Economy TLE tractors offering 38 hp or 47 hp. The TG line of tractors spans 36 hp to 65 hp with a choice of three transmission types, ideal for larger golf courses and sports facilities.
ISEKI pride themselves in producing class-leading ride-on mid-mount and out-front collecting mowers. These start in size from a 40 inch wide SXG216 up to the impressive SF450 with a 60 inch deck and 1300 litre collector.
Whether it’s a compact tractor or a mower for golf, sports field or amenity turf use, ISEKI products typify Japanese quality and design.

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