Electrical Fittings

Electrical Fittings

Harrogate Convention Centre (HCC) requires that any person working on any electrical installation/exhibition stand electrics must be a competent electrician. Proof of this must be provided (copies of qualifications, JIB card, BECA card or other technical qualifications) to the address below.

Main electrical contractors must provide a list of all quallified electricians whom they are to employ on the current exhibitions/events to the address below before any electrical installation work is carried out.

Persons who do not have the necessary qualifications shall not be allowed to carry out any electrical work on the Harrogate Convention Centre site.

This is to comply with

  • The Electricity @ Work Regulations 1989
  • The Health & Safety @ Work Act 1974
  • Requirements for Electrical Installations BS7671 (EIC364)
  • The Exhibition Venues Association Electrical Regulations
  • HIC Regulations for Stand Electrical Installations

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact; Deborah Rolph, Harrogate Convention Centre, Kings Road, Harrogate. HG1 5LA. Deborah.Rolph@harrogateconventioncentre.co.uk

The official Contractor must be used for all electrical services. Please ensure your order is in good time to enable the stand to be ready for when you arrive. Order forms are available and should be sent together with full payment.

Zones Red, Blue, Purple, Green: Joe Manby Ltd, Richard Manby 01423 814730. To order online please download the Electrical Order Form 2019.


Electrical fittings, etc. must comply with all NAEH Regulations, a copy of which can be obtained from the Harrogate International Centre. Kettles and toasters. etc. are not permitted without prior permission from Joe Manby Ltd. Appliances, etc. required for catering purposes must be hired from HCC Commercial Manager.

Listed below are some examples of the typical "loadings" for equipment plugged into socket outlets.

500-WATT SOCKET OUTLET - PC; VDU; Typewriter; Fridge (not 24 hr supply); Oscillating fan; Calculator

1 KW SOCKET OUTLET - Small coffee percolator; Vacuum cleaner

2 KW SOCKET OUTLET - Coffee machine; Small kettle

3 KW SOCKET OUTLET - Large kettle; Water heater

It should be noted that appliances have varying power requirements and therefore we recommend that you check the reference tag, fitted to each appliance by law to assess the power rating.

All wiring must be carried out by a competent electrician and must comply with "Electricity at Work Act 1989" and the "National Association of Exhibition Hall Owners" (NAEH) regulations.

Any equipment not complying will not be connected. All mains driven electrical equipment must be switched off and disconnected from the mains and socket at the end of the day.

Ceiling Battens

If spotlights/fittings are located away from the sides of the stand, ceiling battens will be required. These will be fitted by Joe Manby Ltd in Zones Red, Blue, Purple and Green and a charge of ����£8.75 plus VAT per metre run will be made direct to the exhibitor.

Practices, which require permission by the Director of Harrogate Convention Centre:

  • Laser beams.
  • Any exhibit or process that generates noxious or toxic fumes, exhausts or smoke.
  • Boilers, stoves, furnaces, etc.
  • Petrol fuelled motor vehicles.
  • Fuel oil, flammable liquids and gases.
  • Compressed gas cylinders (use and storage).
  • Welding.
  • Any display involving the use of naked flame, LPG cylinders or portable heating equipment.
  • Radioactive substances are not permitted on the premises.
  • Ceilings and walls.

No fixings of any nature may be made to any part of the ceiling and / or wall structure/surfaces of the venues without prior permission.

Gangways - Exhibits, stand dressings, etc. are not, under any circumstances, allowed to encroach into gangways. Exhibitors must not build raised steps across common gangways without prior permission of Harrogate Convention Centre. Offending items will be removed.

Storage - Excess stock and / or literature or packing cases must not be stored around or behind your stand.


Please refer to the following electrical regulations introduced at all Exhibition Centres in September 1991. Although you and your electrical contractor should be conversant with the complete document, it is felt that you should be made aware of the most important issues for which you are responsible.

  1. You must ensure your contractors and exhibitors are aware of all the current regulations that apply to exhibition electrical installations and that they adhere to them.
  2. All installations will be tested for compliance with the regulations and will not be energised if found to be unsafe.
  3. Appliances supplied and used by stand holders must be tested before being used and proof of this will be required. Stand holders' own equipment must also comply with the regulations and will be subject to spot checks.
  4. All electrical work must be carried out by suitably qualified and experienced electrical personnel and documentary proof of competence may be required.
  5. Every stand shall have its own means of electrical isolation, which must be easily accessible.
  6. External installations must be protected by a safety device known as a residual current device (RCD).
  7. Particular attention must be given to the earthing regulations.
  8. Exposed means of cable jointing will not be permitted.
  9. No lamp holders using spikes for connections will be permitted.
  10. Particular attention should be paid to the regulations relating to extra low voltage lighting (SELV).
  11. Socket outlets must never be closer than 2 metres from a sink unit (unless protected by an RCD) and floor sockets must be protected against ingress of water.
  12. Multi-way adapters are not to be used.
  13. All electrical equipment is to be suitably guarded with proper consideration for its use.
  14. Lamps and appliances with high temperature surfaces should be guarded and used well away from combustible materials.
  15. Permission will be needed before using step-up transformers or any form of HT lighting.
  16. All appliances for heating purposes (inc. kettles, cookers or heaters) must be thermostatically controlled.
  17. The wiring of stands with flexible cords is not allowed. The maximum length of flexible cord to an appliance is 2 metres. Extension leads on reels/drums or in coils of flexible cord are not permitted.
  18. Plug tops must comply with the appropriate British Standard and be suitably fused.

We hope that the above will enable you to fully understand the implications of the Regulations and ensure that safety is maintained by their implementation.