Fork Lifting

Fork Lifting

Crusade Exhibition Services are pleased to be able to offer exhibitors a lifting service at this years show. As officially appointed lifting contractors they are SOLEY responsible for the movement of your goods - to ensure safety at all times for yourselves and your goods.

With fully trained, fully qualified staff, Crusade Exhibition Services can help to ease the stress of hectic event build-ups and breakdowns, providing a first class service that is second to none!

Staff members are extremely experienced in the safe handling of exhibition equipment and all of the anomalies involved with working in restricted spaces and to critical deadlines.

Crusade Exhibition Services carry more than ample insurance cover and utilise the best machinery and equipment available.

Please note: Forklift booking must be scheduled before 2pm on the Monday as loading bay doors need to be closed to complete buildup.

On Thursday the small exit doors ONLY will be opened between 4 pm and 5 pm to allow for hand-carried items to be removed.
The large goods doors will be opened from 5 pm giving access for the forklifts.
This change is a consequence of Health & Safety requirements allowing all visitors a safe exit, and a safer environment for all exhibitors and contractors during the breakdown procedure.

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