The exhibitor is required to insure his legal liability for negligence under a General Third Party Policy for a minimum indemnity of £2,000,000 and shall, if required by the Organisers, submit the policy to them for inspection.

This protects you against legal claims for accidental injury to third parties and/or for damage to third party property. This is not the same as Employers’ Liability insurance. You may already have Public Liability insurance, however not all business policies cover events taking place outside your business premises. If in doubt you should consult your insurance provider.

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken and the premises adequately patrolled by day and night, the organisers expressly decline responsibility for any loss or damage which may befall the person or property of the exhibitor from any cause whatsoever.  It is particularly advised that any exhibitor having valuables, which he wishes to leave on his stand, should provide himself with lock-up steel cabinets or other safe storage.
If the exhibitor wishes, there is no objection to his supplying uniformed attendants on his stand during the construction period and at night-time, provided that the organisers are advised in advance, in writing, of any such arrangements. The exhibitor is further reminded that he is responsible for effecting insurance cover in respect of both exhibits and contents of stand and expenses incurred due to abandonment or postponement.

Hiscox can provide Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Cancellation and Abandonment and Property covers for both exhibitors and event organisers.

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Please note that:

  • Hiscox can insure exhibitors located within European Union countries,  Norway and Switzerland. Exhibitors from other countries must arrange insurance locally.
  • We are not permitted to advise you on any insurance matter. You are under no obligation to purchase insurance from Hiscox and may choose to seek a quotation from other providers.