Job Checklist

Job Checklist

February - April

  • Begin planning and set goals
  • Define target audience
  • Establish budget
  • Plan stand theme
  • Contact BIGGA about sponsorship opportunities
  • Book hotel and travel

May - August

  • Evaluate current display (reuse, revamp or replace)
  • Study show rules and regulations
  • Plan publicity and promotions
  • Order graphics Plan hospitality events

September - October

  • Determine products to be displayed
  • Arrange shipping
  • Finalise display and familiarise yourself with assembly
  • Order supplies and equipment (audio, visual, computer, furniture etc)
  • Study Exhibitors Manual, order services (electrical, lighting, phone, forklifting, insurance, furniture etc)
  • Develop and compile targeted mailing list
  • Design pre-show mailers and stand literature
  • Select show staff
  • Register all stand and contractor personnel
  • Contact BIGGA about advertising in the Show Guide and other advertising opportunities


  • Print pre-show mailers
  • Confirm Health & Safety Policy (return H & S Declaration to BIGGA)
  • Design press kits
  • Send press releases (you may need to do this earlier, depending on publication schedules)
  • Order giveaways
  • Design lead cards
  • Begin pre-show marketing mailshots
  • Brief stand staff
  • Confirm all travel and restaurant reservations for staff or hospitality events
  • Appoint someone to oversee stand installation and dismantling


  • Verify show services
  • Confirm product samples and literature
  • Finalise stand staff schedule
  • Practice on-stand demonstrations
  • Mail final pre-show promotions

Early January

  • Send last minute reminders to media

One Week Before Show

  • Organise items to take to the show (tool kit, copies of all contracts, contact names and numbers for show management and services, exhibit emergency kit)
  • Finalise follow-up plan
  • Conduct role-playing sessions to train staff (engaging, overcoming objections etc)

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