Shell & Stand Only Construction

The Shell Scheme in zones Purple, Green, Blue & Red will be constructed by Joe Manby Ltd, Richard Manby 01423 814730.

The shell scheme consists of 'click' modular system with white melamine panels in aluminium frames, fascia board with exhibitor's name and stand number. Complete the Standfitting Order Form 2019.

FIXING EXHIBITS TO SHELL SCHEME - Exhibits are not to be fixed to wall panels by nails, screws or staples. The correct way of fixing your exhibits is by using twin Velcro, double sided tabs, double sided tape, Blu-Tac, etc. If wall panels are damaged in any way then Exhibitors will be charged the cost for replacing the panels.

If spotlights/fittings are located away from the sides of the stand, ceiling battens will be required. These will be fitted by Joe Manby Ltd in purple, green and red zones or HCC in blue zone and a charge per metre run will be made direct to the exhibitor.

Optional extras eg., additional panels, doors, mirrors, shelves, fixed garment rails can be ordered from the official contractor. Requests should be in writing as soon as possible by returning the form.

SPACE ONLY EXHIBITORS - All exhibitors on space only stands must submit details of their design to BIGGA Headquarters for the organisers approval before 22November 2019. If any part of your display is over 4 metres in height you will be required to submit full details, including structural calculations to the organisers, for submission to the Local Authority. Please email

WALLING - Exhibitors with 'space only' stands must not build on the outer perimeter of their stand and should restrict any other construction to within one metre of this boundary. This will ensure the 'sight lines' within the halls are not obstructed.

STAND CLEANING - All stands will be cleaned before the exhibition opens and throughout the exhibition open period. Stand cleaning is included in the stand rental cost and there is no additional charge to Exhibitors.

CARPETING - Grey carpet will be laid to all stands. The aisle carpet will be that of the Zone (Purple, Green, Blue, Red). Exhibitors wishing to have alternative carpet colour or alternative floor covering should order online at Manby's dedicated website at or go to their normal website at and follow the links through to their online ordering section.

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